Craft Coffee for Social Good

Contact – is a collaboration between an artisan coffee roaster based in Boise, ID, and a local tech entrepreneur.

Many years in the making the Mission remains true to a few core principles.

One of the Missions for CafeMule and Ironside Roasting Co is to create a more equitable distribution of coffee crop profits that goes beyond what current Fair Trade practices are able to achieve.  This much loved roaster founded in 2015 roast some of Idaho’s most renowned blends – Cafe Mule and Direct Access lines of coffee.  It was started in the rocky mountain foothills on a mule named Richard.  There’s so much to tell about Cafe Mule and Ironside Roasting that it is hard to know where to start.

Matt Bishop and Colin Sealy head up this cooperative coffee importer and roaster.  They set an outstanding example for roasters around the world in terms of quality and fairness in business.

For more information about CafeMule and Ironside Roasting visit their website directly –

For more information about the More Profits for Farmers program pioneered by Matt Bishop visit the informational page found here – DirectAccess

Blu Atwood brought a vision of Text based Ordering to the dynamic duo of coffee roasters.  After spending 14 years building ecommerce businesses, and 12 years prior in AdTech, he developed a vision of where digital commerce, and specifically where conversational commerce was headed.  Text Message offers the perfect medium for marketing and commerce to happen.  He leads the team at Textual.  For more information about Textual visit –